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Amazing Frog? is an open world hardcore parkour sandbox game that is full of insanity and randomness. The game was developed and published by Fayju on November 20th, 2014.

Welcome to the insane town of Swindon, SwindonShire that is the home of our extravagant superhero, the Amazing Frog?. The world is your playground, and once you start in your awesome hideout, you can decide if you want to explore the world on your own or if you want to experience the game with a couple of friends in split screen. Many different toys are available to you in Amazing Frog? everything from precise crossbows, devastating machine guns, and even laser guns that allow you to shoot whoever you want to.

But, violence doesn’t have to be the answer, players can also take their frog superhero to the Fart Gyms in order to relieve their stress through a workout. But, if that fails as well, take out your anger on the disgusting Zombies. Once Swindon gets boring, escape and explore the Greater SwindonShire, which is a huge 20KM island that has many secrets, pigs that you can ride, and an ocean and many lakes which you can swim in.

Amazing Frog? has a bunch of vehicles for you to drive, trampolines and cannons, bloodthirsty sharks, zombie frogs, an enormous chessboard, and an array of other crazy things that you’re going to encounter in this sandbox playground.

Specification: Amazing Frog?


Processor: i5 2 GHZ quad Core Memory: 2 MB RAM Graphics: 2GB Storage: 1 GB available space


i7 quad Core






1 GB available space

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